The very name Tahiti is synonymous with paradise isn’t it? Your mind conjures up images of crystal clear bays, palm trees lining white sandy beaches, and high volcanic mountains reaching up from the waters edge. The good news? This is one of the few places where the brochures don’t lie.

Sure, there’s the hustle and bustle of Tahiti’s capital city Papeete, but the great coffee and even better croissants only add to the utopia of this place. Besides, just one hour sail away is the magical island of Moorea, which will surely live up to anyones version of paradise. It’s reached by traversing the ‘Sea of the Moon’, it’s heart-shaped, and it’s high mountain peaks have graced more than a few “Places-To-See-Before-You-Die” covers. We don’t use the word “magical” very often, but what better way to describe this place?

What might not come to mind at the whisper of the word “Tahiti” though, is bicycles. Despite the large number of competitive cyclists who live and ride here, these islands and their perfectly paved roads remain for the most part, a secret.

The mainland’s coast boasts over 100 kilometres of incredible beach-front riding, and a circumnavigation of Moorea is the perfect morning’s pedalling distance. Gorge on pineapples and fruits grown here en masse, stop for a dip in pristine waters, or browse the local markets for colourful hand-painted wearables.

Whether you spend most of your time in the saddle, or just use your Projection bike as a beach-cruiser, French Polynesia’s paradise adventures won’t disappoint!

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