If you’re looking for a business offering bike-touring holidays, we don’t have to tell you there are a lot of them out there. From roughing-it to luxury options, the choices are plentiful. Like us, most of them can provide you with many different routes to suit all fitness levels, and like us, some of them include amazing food and incredible vistas.

But there’s one thing we offer, that no other cycling company does.

Your own private sailing yacht.

We think cycling and sailing are a pretty winning combination. We sail with you into remote paradise areas, so that you can cycle them. You’ll have access to some of the most unique biking locations in the world, with incredible environmental and cultural variety. And at the end of all the gorgeous bike rides? A calm anchorage and a sunset wine at the bow of a luxurious sailing boat.

Because waking up surrounded by turquoise water just makes sense.

IMG_0842It’s adventurous, it’s romantic, it’s One Ocean Sailing.

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